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Credit History Report
This report includes the applicant’s credit history, status of accounts, and total outstanding indebtedness to aid in determining the applicant’s stability and overall financial responsibility. A signed consent form for the release of information by the applicant must be accompanied with the request.

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Criminal Records Check
This would normally cover a comprehensive search of the county criminal records in the county of residence where the applicant resides. However, we highly recommended that a statewide criminal records check be conducted, and provide this service for the same cost as a county search. (Note: A statewide criminal records search has a 7-10 day turnaround time). We are also able to provide out-of-state searches when required.

Employment Verification
Verification of the applicant’s current and past job positions, duties, performance, attendance, attitude, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire are obtained whenever possible and typically covers the past five years of employment.

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Background Checks - 
Skip Tracing

We will attempt to verify attendance of all secondary educational institutions where the applicant claims to have been enrolled, along with the degree(s) earned, (if applicable), the area of study, and final Grade Point Average whenever possible.

Division of Motor Vehicles
A five-year driver’s abstract is generated to determine if the applicant’s driver’s license and driving privileges are in good standing with the DMV.

Social Media Network Review
This process mines the internet and particularly social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., for user’s comments, photos and links to other sites and personnel.

Deluxe Pre-Employment Background Check
This is a packaged background check that includes a Credit History Report, Criminal Records Check, Employment Verification, Education Verification and DMV status.

Skip Tracing – When You Need to Locate a Missing Person
A basic search includes a check with the Division of Motor Vehicles, a database search and a field visit to the residence of record. Searches of this type are always tailored to the specific needs of the client and may include part or all of the basic searches listed above. Unique searches customized to specific needs are also readily accommodated where we work closely with our clients to achieve the desired results. Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email to discuss any of these background checks or surveillance services.


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