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Forensic Imaging
This process covers computer hard drives, laptops, flash drives, cell phones, smart phones, tablet devices, iPads and other digital media for analysis of internet usage, email tracking and analysis, tracing of deleted, stolen & hidden files, password & data recovery, hard drive duplication, evidence & data preservation.

computer forensicsInternet Usage Analysis: Details websites visited, instant messages, downloads, internet history, Internet usage, etc.

Email Analysis: Shows deleted emails, and provides for email tracing and extraction.

Deleted, Hidden, Lost or Stolen Files: Enables discovery of hidden and deleted files, emails, images and unauthorized software installed on a company server.

Password Recovery: Lost password recovery and cracking of locked files.

Computers in the Workplace
At Kevin P. Carey & Associates, Inc., we can help you to establish and implement computer usage and electronic information retention policies to ensure that electronic information is retained should it be required to produce in litigation proceedings. These include but are not limited to:

Conducting of confidential audits of employee computer usage to safeguard against use of business computers for personal or work unrelated to company business.

Uncovering of computer evidence for employee harassment, discrimination or relating to wrongful termination proceedings.

Creation of forensic images and analysis of employee hard drives for reasons of employee theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, proprietary information and trade to help obtain admissible evidence for civil or criminal prosecution.

Provide forensic image copies of all employee workstations immediately upon termination to secure possible relevant electronic information.

Help identify areas of the computer system that may contain relevant electronic information that the company may be required to produce.

Help develop proactive electronic information policies that could reduce the cost of meeting discovery requests in  the event a company is involved in litigation.

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