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At Kevin P. Carey & Associates, Inc., there are numerous ways in which we support and assist our clients on a regular basis. Listed below are a number of investigative techniques and support activities that are available.

Disaster Claims Management

Kevin P. Carey and Associates is a full service disaster claims management company. We are prepared to respond to any evacuation in the United States with a team of professional claim managers immediately after the accident occurs. It is very important to obtain all the correct information on each and every evacuee or business affected by the disaster. By responding immediately, there will be someone there to assist the evacuees with all their needs, whether it be lodging, food, clothing etc. At Kevin P. Carey & Associates, we have claim managers available that have been involved in numerous railroad derailments due to chemical exposure.

Awareness Training & Loss Prevention Programs
Kevin P. Carey & Associates, Inc. can provide assistance to corporations in the development and implementation of structured loss prevention programs, including: theft awareness training, inventory control, physical security systems, risk management and accident prevention, internal security policies and procedures and shortage reduction.

Corporate Fraud & White Collar Crime
These investigations typically include insurance fraud, external theft, credit fraud, embezzlement, bribery and kickback activities, counterfeiting, trademark infringement and corporate espionage.

Corporate Due Diligence
These investigations provide an in-depth look at the financial, business and personal reputations of the corporation, its corporate officers, or other individuals who may have a significant influence on the firm. Due Diligence enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive, yet discreet, investigation in conjunction with acquisitions, mergers, SEC regulations or other business-related needs.

Corporate Litigation
The service generally involves our assisting a company’s legal representatives in case preparation for a wide variety of civil or criminal court matters. The process includes development of a complete background and/or profile of corporations or individuals involved in specific litigation matters.

Executive Travel Protection and Risk Assessment
This service was developed based on the need to provide our corporate clients who conduct business abroad with the most updated information on the risks associated with travel to a particular country or region. This information enables a client to develop a strategic plan to safeguard their employees and assets from a variety of criminal or politically-based violence or fraud activity. In addition, we can also provide armed escorts or couriers for the protection of your clients, employees, family members or valuable company assets.

Executive Protection Services
We are able to provide bodyguard protection for key personnel and VIPs, and their families, as needed. Charges are based upon the nature of the assignment.

Internal Intelligence Investigations
This service entails embedding investigators into strategic areas of a company in order to develop information and monitor any suspected illegal or unethical activities conducted by employees and/or vendors.

Environmental Investigations
These are investigations of other parties, with the express purpose of recovering the cost of environmental restoration or remediation. In addition, these investigations can delve into incidents of property damage or personal injury as a result of industrial action and exposure to toxic chemicals or materials.

Integrity Shopping Services
This service is provided mainly to companies in the retail or customer service-based industry to detect a diverse range of issues such as policy and procedure compliance, employee dishonesty and ineffectual or inappropriate customer service.



Background Checks - 
Skip Tracing

Liability Claims
This service is designed to verify the validity of claims and to determine possible mitigating factors that will reduce or minimize costs to our clients. For self-insured's, investigations may include professional liability, product liability and workers’ compensation claims.

Liability Investigations
Covers the investigation of accidents, which include, but are not limited to: automobile, medical malpractice, product liability, airplane, explosion, fire, gunshots, falling objects, motorcycles, and slip and fall incidents.

Personnel Screenings
Background investigations aid in the selection and evaluation of potential employees or business associates. These investigations are typically designed for pre-employment screening and post-employment evaluations.

We conduct surveillance using proven, up-to-the-minute methods that maximize results and control costs. It is a service that is responsive to a broad variety of needs. For more details, please click on the Surveillance tab on our navigation bar.

School Security & Safety Assessments
Designed to perform safety checks and audits for grades K-12 in order to prevent and manage school violence, reduce safety risks and liability and improve school/community relations. This service is invaluable for school boards, administrators, principals, teachers, and parents for the safety and security of all children.

Worker's Compensation
This process includes the development of a complete background profile as stated above and will also include investigation of the circumstances surrounding thealleged accident along with the claimant’s previous work history and claim history.

Sub Rosa
This type of investigation deals with the production of covert surveillance video used to prove that the subject of an investigation is lying about an injury, or any other act for which he or she is receiving compensation. This is used extensively in Workers' Compensation claims investigations where fraud is suspected.

Accident Reconstruction
Designed to provide details at the scene of an accident. This is not an engineering service. The process will provide information and photographs from the scene, through the development of witnesses, terrain, and other site conditions. DVDs and flash drive expenditures are pass-through costs.

Specific Issue Investigation
This is a defined request limiting the scope of the investigation to certain points of interest, e.g., interviewing and obtaining specific records’ information or taking photographs of the site of an incident.

Interviews documented through written, audio and/or digital video or stenographic recording of statements for legal or other proceedings.

Legal Testimony
Appearance by investigation personnel at legal proceedings to support developed or documented information.

This process covers finding missing persons, witnesses, or other location requirements.

Provides for the background investigation and/or surveillance of an individual.

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