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Insurance Investigations
Investigations for Life, Health & Group Claims

Contestable Investigations
These apply to all contestable type contracts within the Life and Health Claim area. Investigation is to develop onset of condition, either prior to or after the application/effective date. Areas of investigation would include medical, financial, occupational habits, and other outside interests.

Accidental Investigations
We determine the circumstances surrounding the accidental death or injury of the insured. Investigations into accidental death claims are designed to determine whether death resulted from injuries sustained in an accident, altercation or sickness, and/or whether death occurred while in the act of committing a felony.

Contestable Disability Claims
These investigations are employed to uncover information about
the insurability of the policyholder at the time of the effective date
of coverage. Areas of investigation would include current activities, medical history, financial status, occupations, habits, outside
interests, and other factors possibly affecting disability coverage.

Disability Follow Up and Evaluations
Designed to develop information on the present activities, recovery/rehabilitation, and progress of the claimant’s condition.

Life, Health, Group and Property & Casualty Claims
These investigations involve any areas of suspicious activities that might lead to fraud regarding the filed claim. All of the methods mentioned above will be used to verify the validity of each claim and will be performed in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We conduct surveillance using proven, up-to-the-minute methods that maximize results and control costs. It is a service that is responsive to a broad variety of needs. For more details, please click on the Surveillance tab on our navigation bar.


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insurance investigationsEligibility
The purpose of these investigations is to develop information pertaining to claimant eligibility for group insurance conducted through a personal review of an employer’s records, including: personnel, payroll, tax, time cards, inter-office memos, expense forms and receipts.

Specific Issue Investigations
Investigation is designed by the Life & Health Claim Examiner to obtain specific types of information.

Sub Rosa
This type of investigation deals with the production of covert
surveillance video used to prove that the subject of an investigation is lying about an injury, or any other act for which he or she is receiving compensation. This is used extensively in Workers' Compensation claims investigations where fraud is suspected.

For a claimant profile investigation, please contact us by phone at 1-800-875-3711 or via our electronic Service Request Form.


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