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matrimonial photoDo you suspect your spouse of cheating on you?

Are you worried about extramarital affairs?

Considering a divorce?

Do you know where the all the assets are located?

Are child custody situations a major concern?

Do you know where your spouse is taking your child?

Do you know the type of environment your child is being subjected to?

Is child abuse a possibility?

Matrimonial proceedings are very unsettling, unnerving and upsetting. To help make the correct decisions for the best possible course action for your family's future, it's always best to seek advice from seasoned professionals. Our team has over 25 years experience in handling matrimonial situations and have helped many people weather this difficult period in their lives.

Our experienced and seasoned investigators will conduct covert electronic surveillance using proven methods, including the latest in digital surveillance cameras and communication devices. We'll gather the evidence you need to help you make responsible decisions about your particular situation, and we'll keep appropriate records for use in court should it become necessary.

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NJ Licensed Private Investigators Association

PA Association of Licensed Investigators

Associated Licensed Detectives of NY State

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New York Claim Association

New York Self-Insurers Association

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International Intelligence Network (Intellenet)

American Society Industrial Society (ASIS)

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